Quiz Contestant Howlers

Perhaps we ought to point out that the real-life examples printed below, of answers given by contestants on British TV programmes such as ‘The Weakest Link’, were not all given by the same one contestant. 

No one is THAT stupid!  Or do you know better ?  ………..

In their own defence, some past contestants have pointed out that they were repeatedly warned, before going on, that they must make SOME answer. The producers were probably hoping for such ludicrous answers as those below – just to get the Show (and the foolish contestant) talked about. 

Quizmaster: What is the ONLY even prime number?

Contestant:  Nine 

Q: What is the capital city of Germany?

C:  Hamburger

Q:  After Guernsey and Jersey, what is the next largest Channel Island?

C: England

Q: In which British city is Edinburgh Castle?

C: Glasgow

Q: In which English county is Leeds Castle?

C: Kent

Q: Single combat is a fight between how many people?

C: One ?

Q: According to the proverb, the daily consumption of what fruit keeps the doctor away?

C: Banana

Q: In what year did president Kennedy die ? (I’ll give you a clue: he didn’t see 1964)

C: 1965 ?

Q: After which British Queen is the cocktail Bloody Mary named ?

C: Margherita ?

Q: Which prison shipped out its last inmates and closed in 1963 ?

C: Australia

Q: What is the county town of Kent ?

C: Kentish Town ?

Q: What is the official language of China?

C:  Asian

Q: How many years does a bicentenary celebrate? (Clue: centenary is 100 years: and bi- means 2)

C: 102 years ?

Q: Where is the Scottish Parliament building located?

C: London

P.S. Leeds Castle IS in Kent! Just put that one in to throw you!!! 

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