She’s a humpy one!

There was a time when most weddings of these parts were 
arranged and success depended mainly on the size of the dowry.  Love matches then on’y had a chance if the young couple became ‘runaways’.  But that’s another story.
There was a match made and the oul’ fella was going to give one hundred pounds of a dowry with his daughter! 
One hundred pounds!! 
Now that’s when one hundred pounds WAS one hundred pounds, I can tell ye!
But anyway, he says,
‘When you see her, you might not like her!’
‘And for why?’ says yer man.
‘Why do you think I wouldn’t like her?’
‘Well,’ he says, slowing down a bit,
‘I’m giving you one hundred pounds, along with her,
for she’s got a wee bit of a hump on her!’
‘Tell me’, says yer man,
‘You wouldn’t have one wi’ two humps on her, would ye?’

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