…Except Us Chickens

The police were in hot pursuit of the bank robbers who sought refuge in Rio de Janeiro zoo.  The gang spread out to make their detection more difficult.  They had to be careful not to secrete themselves in dangerous animals’ enclosures. 
Some thieves elected to hide in the enclosure for deer and tapir.  Police thought they might buck the trend by kidnapping Bambi or some other such hind.  They were eventually captured.
It was a dear mistake.  They were additionally charged with trespass and criminal damage to municipal property.
Those who chose the exotic fowl enclosure found that their hidey-hole was dark and cavernous.  Still when they arrived, the cops shone their torches into it for some time to check if anybody was hiding inside.
Eventually this croaky voice emerged from the coop at the back..
‘There’s nobody in here, except us chickens!’
Sorry! I know you heard it before!  But it still creases me up!

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