Dubya passes on

Saint Peter was guarding the Pearly Gates to vet new entries.

‘I’m Picasso, says yer man.  My contribution to Modern Art warrants my admission.’

‘It would indeed.  But you’ve got to prove you are who you say you are.’

Without hesitation, he produces canvass, easel and paints and executes a masterpiece.

‘You’re in,’ says Peter.  ‘Next!’

‘I’m Einstein.  Perhaps the last of the great classic physicists.’

‘And the proof?’

In a flash, he scratched off a dozen formulae including the famous e=mc2.

‘You’re in.  Next!’

‘I’m George W Bush, ex-President of the USA, bringer of democracy to Asia and the Arabs!   What more could you possibly require to know?’

‘Well George, like everybody else, you’ve gotta prove who you are.

Why, even Picasso and Einstein had to prove their credentials!’

‘Pick Ass ‘o?  An’ some Jew?

Who were those guys you’re talking about?’ asked Dubya.


O.K. George.  it’s you, all right. 

Come on in!’

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