Sky failure

They talk like automatons, persist like politicians in their given line of chat, regardless of your lack of interest, and withhold their own phone number and even name.

Yet they expect you to stop everything and to humour them on the phone.  I did, a while.


‘You’ve availed of Sky now these three years past.  Are you happy with it?’

‘Sorry. I missed your name and number there..’

‘Is there any way we can improve our service to you?’

‘You must have another reason for calling me?’

‘What is your favourite feature of the Sky service?’

This wasn’t getting anywhere, but because it was that ‘dead’ part of the holiday period, I decided to humour him. I hiimmed, hummed and hawed, interjected the odd ‘Yes’ and generally stalled him until he inevitably came to the point.

‘The Insurance policy on your Sky apparatus has expired.

Now, it just happens that we are offering a special deal at the moment..’ 

‘Yes …’

‘For just

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