The Schidt genealogy

As we on this site have stressed before, genealogy is important and interesting. We are therefore grateful for the following letter from an avid reader, who wishes to answer that often-posed question,

Just who is Jack Schidt? 

We find ourselves at a loss when someone says, ‘You don’t know Jack Schidt!’

Well, thanks to my genealogy efforts, reproduced here below, you can now respond in an intellectual and informed way.

Jack Schidt is the only son of Awe Schidt. Awe Schidt, the fertilizer magnate, married  O. Schidt, the owner of Needeep N. Schidt, Inc. They had one son, Jack.

In turn, Jack Schidt married Noe Schidt. The deeply religious couple produced six children:  Holie Schidt, Giva Schidt, Fulla Schidt, Bull Schidt, and the twins Deep Schidt and Dip Schidt.

Against her parents’ wishes Deep Schidt married Dumb Schidt, a high school dropout.  After being married for fifteen years, Jack and Noe Schidt divorced.   Noe Schidt later married Ted Shercock, and because her kids were living with them, she wanted to keep her previous name.   She was then known as Noe Schidt- Shercock.

Meanwhile, Dip Schidt married Loda Schidt, and they produced a son with a rather nervous disposition named Chicken Schidt. Two of the other six children, Fulla Schidt and Giva Schidt, were inseparable throughout childhood and subsequently married the Happens brothers in a dual ceremony. Vera Small, Fulla’s best friend decided to have a dual ceremony with her, when she married Tiny Cox.

The wedding announcement in the newspaper announced the Schidt-Happens and Small-Cox nuptials. The Schidt-Happens children were Dawg, Byrd, and Horse.

Bull Schidt, the prodigal son, left home to tour the world. He recently returned from Italy with his new Italian bride, Pisa Schidt.

Now when someone says, ‘You don’t know Jack Schidt,’ you can them, 

“Why, yes, I DO know Jack Schidt!”.


 Crocker Schidt


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