1848 Householders (RC) Donaghmore

Householder Lists, South Down 1848 : compiled by Father Ryan (Administrator, Donaghmore 1848) …


1 James O’Hare

2 Bernard Books

3 Mathew Cunningham

4 John Morgan

5 Daniel McKey

6 Roger O’Hare & representatives

7 Patrick Loughran

8 Peter McKerney

9 James Sands

10 Patrick Ravey (Maj)

11 John O’Hare (Joe)

12 John Magnis

13 Thomas Hagan

14 Mrs McAvoy

15 Mrs Burns

16 Peter Sands

17 Francis Ravey

18 James Ravey

19 Arthur O’Hare

20 Owen Hughes

21 Peter Hughes

22 Michael Ravey

23 Patrick Ravey (Min)

24 Mrs O’Hare

25 Laurance O’Hare

26 Francis O’Hare

Why is Newry Journal reproducing these lists (there are a few more ..)  ?

The primary reason is to facilitate local people in search of their roots.

Are these the same surnames that continue to feature in this district?  [A. Yes].  O’Hare, Sands, Magennis, Loughran etc.

Therefore it is likely that living persons today might find a record of their great great grandparents, for example.

The practice of allotting pet names to persons bearing a most common name (John O’Hare (Joe) for example, is revealed. 

The Donaghmore area (this list and a few to follow) is interesting because the renowned Harshaw Diaries record everyday life on a Protestant estate in this very district and this very time, among whose numbers was the Protestant patriot John Martin (search … above) and his friend and relative John Mitchel  (search..). 

Finally we remember that this was the worst year of Famine in all Irish history.  Yet the people named here were perhaps among the more fortunate.  The Ulster Custom (of landholding) prevailed and local Protestant landlords are said to have been less heartless than most.

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