Celtic Cross for victims

This Celtic Cross was erected by the Irish community of Kingston, Ontario, to honour the Irish and Scottish labourers who died while building the Rideau Canal from Kingston to Ottawa.

Tony O’Loughlin was the driving force behind this project.  Tony’s father was born in Fathom, Omeath Rd, Newry.

Tony has erected several other Celtic Crosses in honour of thousands of Irish who died in Kingston during An Gorta Mor (The Great Hunger).

When  visiting Tony in Kingston I meet a young Dr.Fitzpatrick from Newry. 

There also was a lady from Rathfriland Rd. Newry. Her young daughter was doing Irish dancing that evening.

I think they were surprised to hear a Newry man doing History on South Armagh, Gross Isle, Quebec and the Kingston Great Hunger Victims.


Patrick White (pictured)

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