Dempster’s Excursion

Also from the newspapers of 1865 we read of the generosity and charity of Mr Dempster who owned a large Mill in the centre of the town (the long building on Monaghan Street, in the middle right foreground).

The occasion was the annual excursion he arranged for all his employees to Warrenpoint.

‘The workers all assembled in Mr Dempster’s new mill which is now on the point of completion, and after having spent some time in examining that fine structure, each one was presented with a free ticket for the railway, the number being distributed being 800.

On leaving the mill they proceeded along Merchant’s Quay and down Hill Street to the Dublin Bridge Station. After waiting here till the appointed time, the engine gave the usual signal and then moved off to the cheers of the assembled multitude.

Arrived at Warrenpoint the party went to a secluded and sheltered spot on the banks of the Moygannon River, where a tent was pitched and they were plentifully supplied with good and substantial refreshment …. Dancing, especially was carried on with the greatest hilarity, a fiddler having been engaged, and many seemed to enjoy the ‘trip on the light fantastic’.

The party then returned to the station, apparently highly gratified with the proceedings of the day. After waiting at the station and undergoing one of those unpleasant squeezings so attendant upon a crowded platform, they arrived safely in Newry without the least mishap.

It is but just to Mr Dempster to say that in addition to the above, he also very generously pays the day’s wages to each worker.’


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