Four Masters

The Annals of the Kingdom of Ireland or the Annals of the Four Masters (Annala na gCeithre Mh

The annals are mainly a compilation of earlier annals, although there is some original work. They were compiled between 1632 and 1636 in the Donegal monastery of the Franciscan order. The entries for the 12th century and before are sourced from medieval monastic annals. The later entries come from the records of the Irish aristocracy (such as the Annals of Ulster), and the seventeenth century entries are based on personal recollection and observation.

The chief author of the annals was Micheal O’Cleirigh, and he was assisted among others by Peregrine O’Clery, Fergus O’Mulconry and Peregrine O’Duigan. Even though only one of the authors, M

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