Further Dates in Down’s History

1552 Downpatrick plundered and destroyed by Con O’Neill

1552 Downpatrick re-visited by Con’s son Shane who went on to destroy its gates and ramparts

1578  St Patrick’s Church newry built by Bagenal whose family crest is incorporated in it. In the following century it was destroyed, then restored after the Glorious Revolution

1558-1603 Reign of Elizabeth, early in which Ireland had her counties and baronies demarked

1585 The Queen granted Loughbrickland to Sir Marmaduke Whitchurch (opt. cit.) who built a castle there ‘where three roads meet’ ; also a Church; also a ‘Protestant’ town. The Castle was demolished by Cromwell to prevent rebels from holding it. Its ruins survived into the nineteenth century

1589 Newcastle (Castle) built by Felix Magennis – later became the town’s principal hotel

1600 The list of distinguished families in County Down included:

 Bagenal; Sir Hugh Magennis; Sir Owen MacNeil; Con O’Neill; Iver Roe Magennis; Brian O’Neil; John Whyte of Dufferin; Savages; Fitzsimons; Dowdals; Macartans; Bensons; Russels; Jordans; Audleys; Mandevilles.


…….. penultimate Down dates ……..

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