Redmond O’Hanlon

Before the final defeat of the Gaelic chieftains [Kinsale 1601: Flight of the Earls 1607:  Plantation of Ulster 1609 on] the O’Hanlons were the primary clan in Orior …

… (largely the eastern strip of Armagh county but down to Carlingford) while a branch of the O’Neills held a similar role in The Fews.  It is unsurprising that resentment at their defeat, the confiscation of their lands and their usurpation by English and Scottish Planters simmered on for generations.

In 1620 Turlough Grome O’Hanlon was tenant of Aghantaraghan near Poyntzpass.  In 1640 Redmond was born to Loghlin O’Hanlon of that place [on the site, it is said, of Iveagh Lodge].  Others however claim he was born at the foot of Slieve Gullion, where as an adult, he certainly had a number of lairs.  His gang kept the neighbouring counties of Tyrone and Down, as well as Armagh, in fear.  People travelled in convoy, or with his personal pass.  He levied a half crown a year from farmers in exchange for a guarantee of safe passage.  Petty robbers under him were supplied with a list of such persons, with strict orders not to molest or rob them.  He was beloved of the very poor whom he assisted.  He would brook no competition.  When a man robbed a pedlar wrongly in his name, he had this robber forwarded to the authorities, knowing full well that he would swing in Gallows Hill after the next assizes for his offence.  His head later was displayed spiked on the gates of Sessions House.

… Redmond Fooled! …

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