Provincial Governors proposed

The new Queen Elizabeth (1558-1603) was as much concerned with the Scots of Antrim as with Shane.  In the instructions given to Sussex on 17th July 1559 he is ordered:

‘to devise in the mean season how that part which is called Lecale and the Newery and Carlingford may be stayed and preserved from the possession of the Scots ..’.  Clearly the new, young English Queen had no confidence in Mr Bagenal’s ability to defend his ‘possessions’.


A rupture soon occurred between Shane and the Government and in July 1561 Sussex invaded Tyrone but his troops were defeated with great slaughter. Sussex returned again in September. O’Neill refused to engage and his enemies returned to their camp at Newry, driving before them five hundred head of O’Neill’s cattle.


It was the failure of these attempts to subjugate him that drove the English to terms with Shane and occasioned his visit to Elizabeth‘s court. 


In his absence his followers plundered Bagenal’s territories without mercy. 


In writing to Cecil, the Secretary of State on 23rd April Bagenal complains loudly: he alleges that his lands, which when he was Marshall made

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