Newry Nuns of Yesteryear

I was reliably informed that there are literally dozens (70+) of retired nuns resident in the new Poor Clares Convent in Ashgrove Avenue. I will ask the next one I see out walking and confirm with you.

But it was those of fifty years ago I had in mind here.

This following list was compiled from the electoral register of the late ’50s.

The M in every case stands for Mary, the mother of Jesus. The dearest to me was the beautiful Sister Rose who hosted by daughter’s baptism and my wife’s reception into the Church. Others whose names feature on other pages on this site include Immaculata (rendered as Mac Cool Lata!) and Pacifica and indeed Assumpta. 


Halton, Sr M Catherine

Halton Sr M Teresita

Harkin Sr M Jeneviere

Hoorican Sr M Stanislaus

Johnson Sr M Monica

Jones Sr M Cecilia

Jordan Sr M Vincent

Kane Sr M Kevin

Killiher Sr M Columba

Lowry Sr M Gertrude

Lynan Sr M Emmanuelle

Magee Sr M Rita

McAteer Sr M Gerard

McCann Sr M A

McDonald Sr M Aquinas

McGee Sr M Dympna

McGeown Sr M Rosarii

McGrath Sr M Ethna

McGrath Sr M Rose

McNulty Sr M Paul

McKeown Sr M Paschal

McKeown Sr M Alphonsus

McMahon Sr M James

McNally Sr M Thaddeus

McNeill Sr M Xavier

McNeill Sr M Immaculata


… more later …


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