Presbyterian Baptisms 1830s

As a small contribution to genealogists in search of Newry roots, I reproduce below a list of baptisms recorded 1824-1828 [1828 only to begin with] at Newry First Presbyterian Church.  Date, father’s name and address are included.

8 Aug 1824 WEIR Jane Isabella, of Joseph, High Street
16             SPENCE Jane of James, Canal Street
16  EDGAR Elizabeth of John, Stream Street
19  LITTLE George of Robert, Altnaveigh
8 September HILL James of John, North Street
17  DAVIDSON William of Rev David, Margaret Square
26  BROWN Jane of William, High Street
28   McGOFFIN Isabella of Hugh, Church Street
3 Oct  McCURDY Ellen of James, Sugar Island
9  THOMPSON John of Hugh, Boat Street
13  WALLACE Robert Smyth, of R.G., Grinan Lodge
15  HILL Elizabeth, of Joseph, North Road
15  DODD Robert, of Robert, Crownbridge
20  WILSON James of William, High Street
14 Nov HAMILTON Joseph of William, Church Street
14  FLANIGAN Oxburgh Henry of John L., William Street
17  McKEE William of William, North Street
21  HANNA Mary Jane of Abraham, Dysert
26  CHRISTIAN Esther of John, Canal Street
28  PITT James Crowthers of Sgt, 86th Regiment Barrack
28  SYMPSON Anne Eliza of Ebenezer, Boat Street
13 Dec GRAHAM Anna of Alexander, Crobane
25  BAXTER Joseph of Hugh, Church Street

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