By the Bog of Cats

Extremely scathing it may be, but ‘honest’ it surely is.  Michael McNamee’s critique of the Ferns Dramatic Society (Wexford) interpretation of Marina Carr’s “By the Bog of Cats”.

This play has some good moments, but some awful half hours.

I feel one must separate the performances from the actual play itself.

Some sections were excellent, such as the wedding breakfast in the first half, where the mother of the beautifully played child gatecrashes the father’s wedding. Whole scene was superb, with special mention for the priest, who stole the show whilst saying practically nothing.

In the second half, the dance scene between the drunken mother and her young daughter was superb.

However, someone within the Ferns Dramatic Society must bear responsibility for choosing a play which makes “The Scottish Play” seem like a comedy.

I do not do morbidity, and this excellent example of the genre is a pretty good reason why.

It was four hours too long, even though it only lasted circa two hours.

Should any reader feel like suicide, this play will provide great encouragement to that urge.

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