Review: On the Waterfront: Lislea

Kathleen Barrington, adjudicator at Lislea Drama Festival had lavish words of praise for various aspects of the home team’s performance last evening.

She singled out Kerry Rooney, director, for his ambitious choice of play, for casting skills, for stage management and especially for his own acting performance (Terry Molly). 

Liam Hannaway too got special mention for his role as Johnny Friendly, the Mafia “Union Boss”.

Highly commended included the excellent Walter Bradley (Runty Nolan), Gerry McBrien (Big Mac) and – my own favourite – Pius Tierney (Mutt).

She was less enamoured (rightly so) of the play’s lighting and sound.  Pleased with the overall performance she earnestly besought the director to address these shortcomings.

I noted also a strange reluctance on the part of this cast (I can think of no exceptions but Walter and John Campbell) either to look at the audience or to position themselves to the audience’s advantage.

That said, this was a terrifically-challenging play well performed: with a modicum of work it could be immensely improved.

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