Kitty Sean Cunningham

In summer in Glen(Columcille) there is a concert each Monday night in the Folk Village – featured – and each Wednesday night in Oedras Gael (the nearby Irish College). 

Glen is famous for its Folk Village, established forty years ago this year by Father McDyer. Cottages and other artefacts – e.g. the Famine soup pot – from it have featured regularly here.

The Irish College is principally for the promotion of the Irish language and Irish culture – and attracts adults from as far away as Japan and the United States. This region is the South West Donegal Gaeltacht. Irish is still the principal tongue of residents in nearby Teelin, Meenacross and Meenaneery, to cite a few examples. There is a Fiddle Week and a Festival Week coming up shortly. If I am very fortunate I will return to Glen before the end of August!

This concert featured several local fiddlers, flautists, singers and other musicians plus Martin McHugh, maestro extraordinaire who is photographed with our local maestro James Byrne.

These gentlemen have taught dozens of others some of whom featured on the night. James – my close friend for two decades or so – is photographed (first) with his wife Connie (a German-born lady) and three of their children. Together they now make a formidable fiddle quintet!

The Concert’s ban a t

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