A Gift of Time

The following is a story, in verse, of a patient at Newry Hospice.

I saw a sign today,

you showed it to my soul

I thank you for the gift of time

You gave before I go.

It gives me a chance Lord,

One I didn’t think I had

Of saying to those that I love

In my passing – don’t be sad.


I’ve lived my life as I thought

With values based on good

Sometimes I fell along the way

I guess you knew I would

But in my heart and in my mind

Stayed true as I believed

To my family and my faith

Helped by the blessings I received.


To the Lady in my life

Her love on me you bestowed

A blessing to someone like me

To have and hold

A sadness in parting

But a joy to have shared

The lifetime of love in the arms

Of someone who cared.


I can tell all my children

How proud they make me feel

Of the good times we have shared

And those things they have achieved

I want to see that look of love

Just one more time

Share it with them silently

And etch it on my mind.


Then I’ll make my last walk

With you by my side

This gift you have granted

Will help those left behind

Let the bells in the Chapel

Call my friends in to pray

May their prayers of love for you

Help me on my way.


In my children, I leave a legacy

For all the world to look and see

And know that they in return

Will pass on lessons I had learned

Of love, of courage, of pulling together

Around respective family trees

Knowing the span ‘tween my life and death

Will always be filled with memories .


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