Canal Street Residents 1914

Canal Street used to have its own Police Barracks and its own Picture Palace.

 My father once worked for Joe McCullough of Number 19 who was a carpenter. 

The list of residents from 1914 includes one such person at that address, who, I conclude must have been the father of the tradesman in question.

I’m sure there will be names here familiar to you also.

Canal Street Residents 1914

1 J S Dudley

2 David Crickan

3 R Long & Son

4 T Bittles

5 Hugh McCafrey

6 Lily Nesbitt

7 Frank Hill

9 Margaret Preston

10 Thomas Bond

11 James Lambe

12 Police Barracks

13 John McPeake

14 R Magowan

15 O McComiskey – Premier Picture Palace

16 Owen McCabe

17 W R Hunting

18 George Hughes

19 Joe McCullough

20 Annie Kearney

21 Thomas Cardwell

22 John McParland

23 William McKnight

24 Owen McGivern

25 D McElearney

26 Thomas Meehan

27 James Hughes

28 Convent of Mercy Schools

29 Mary Davidson

30 B Gallagher

32 George Robinson

33 James Birrell

34 Mary Byrne




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