John McCullagh August 21, 2006

Canal Street used to have its own Police Barracks and its own Picture Palace.

 My father once worked for Joe McCullough of Number 19 who was a carpenter. 

The list of residents from 1914 includes one such person at that address, who, I conclude must have been the father of the tradesman in question.

I’m sure there will be names here familiar to you also.

Canal Street Residents 1914

1 J S Dudley

2 David Crickan

3 R Long & Son

4 T Bittles

5 Hugh McCafrey

6 Lily Nesbitt

7 Frank Hill

9 Margaret Preston

10 Thomas Bond

11 James Lambe

12 Police Barracks

13 John McPeake

14 R Magowan

15 O McComiskey – Premier Picture Palace

16 Owen McCabe

17 W R Hunting

18 George Hughes

19 Joe McCullough

20 Annie Kearney

21 Thomas Cardwell

22 John McParland

23 William McKnight

24 Owen McGivern

25 D McElearney

26 Thomas Meehan

27 James Hughes

28 Convent of Mercy Schools

29 Mary Davidson

30 B Gallagher

32 George Robinson

33 James Birrell

34 Mary Byrne




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