Celebrating Christmas Morning

Across the frosty fields we’d run

As off to mass we’d go

And our laughter it would echo

In the valley down below

The church bells would ring loud and clear

Inviting everyone

To celebrate

On Christmas morning


Everybody looked resplendent

In their finest set of clothes

Shoes were brightly polished

Hair was neatly combed

There’d be lots of cheerful banter

And handshakes by the score


Christmas morning


We’d sit with friends and neighbours

Who’d come from near and far

And listen to the story

Of the Wise Men and the star

But nothing could be sweeter

Than the pleasure we enjoyed

Singing ‘Silent Night’

As Gaeilge


But Christmas it is changing

And the world is not the same

Forgotten are the simple things

We’ll never see again

So I’m glad I have the memories

Of the way it used to be


Christmas morning.


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