Bell’s Row 1917

We are all descended from someone.  Do any of you recognise any one from the following list of residents of Bell’s Row of 1917?

Bell’s Row (off Monaghan Street)

 2    Charles Devine
3    Ann McKay
4    John Doherty
6    John Carroll
7    Joseph Barry
9    Mary McShane
10    James Smith
11    Ann McAteer
12    Denis Maguire
14    James Fitzpatrick
16    Sarah Ann Turley
17    Catherine McAnulty
19    Peter McIlherron
20    Edward Nixon
22    Stephen Marley
23    John A Smith

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  1. Joseph Barry was my great grandfather…. any info on living relatives greatly appreciated. His wife Mary Goodfellow, children Annie, Margaret, Jane, and Mary Rose…

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