Cowan Street 1914: more …

One of the more interesting intellectual pursuits one might follow in middle age is tracing one’s family roots.   Begin with the living:  ……..

………  the oldest family members you know will supply an oral version: then work back from the present.  

Lists of householders from a few generations ago are most useful too. Did any of your relations ever live in Cowan Street? Check here. If you find one, check the state and Church records for dates of birth, baptism, marriage, death etc. and you are quickly on your way.

Good luck!

21 William Hooks

23 James Rowntree

24 Eliza McAlpine

25 William Dunn

26 Samuel Bell

27 John Clarke

28 Margaret Shaw

29 Bridget Haughey

30  R McCullough

31 Peter McAteer

32 James Edwards

33 Eliza Campbell

34 Henry Murphy

35 Ann Kane

36 William Robinson

40 Barbara Weir

42 Sarah Baird

44 Rebecca Boyd

46 Mary A Cowan

48 William Buchanan

50 Ann Heaney

52 Hugh Clydesdale

54 William McKnight

56 James Boyd

58 Peter Loy

59 Thomas McKeown

62 Margaret Johnson

64 Sarah McKeown

66 L Kennedy

68 Terence Ruddy

70 Patrick Mallon

71 Thomas McAteer

72 Patrick Ruddy

74 John Tumelty

76 David Skillen

76 Bridget Finnegan

78 Thomas McAteer

80 Michael Sullivan


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