Dick’s Ashtray

This ashtray was originally from the Lido Caf

It has, scratched on its surface the names of a lot of local young people of that time, that is, the mid nineteen sixties.

Are any of your names amongst this lot?

Or do you know anyone named here?

Maria Fearon
Olwen Dean
Gerry Brady
Maria McEvoy                       
Alicia Hanratty                       
Myles McKevitt                 
M Cunningham                       
John Cully
Benny McKeown
Jim McManus
Jean Havern
K Peters
Ann Hagan
Martin Blair
I was a bus?
There are a few other single Christian names and assorted initials also.

There are no political or paramilitary references, no swear words or no sexual innuendos.

We all were an innocent lot in those days.

The ashtray is quite genuine and was in the Lido caf

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