Rooney’s Terrace 1914

In recent decades, the Rathfriland Road area has become a favoured residential area. Many of us remember only the odd home beyond Windsor Hill. Today there are several thousand homes. The 1914 Street Directory lists just four residents.

W J Montgomery

Mrs Kelly

R A Mullan, Cairn Hill

F H Mullan


Below we list the residents of another popular Newry Street in that year.

Rooney’s Terrace

26 Thomas Hanratty

27 Thomas Kearns

28 Owen Hughes

29 James Brady

30 Mary Cunningham

31 N Crawford

32 James McCauley

33 William Lavery

35 William Poacher

36 Michael Crilly

37 James McStay

38 Thomas Foy

39 Frederick McMahon

40 Jane Greacen

41 Henry Loughran

42 John Foley

43 John Murray

44 John McMullan

45 Peter Coyle

46 Catherine Larkin

47 James Grant

48 Patrick Mallon

49 M Donnelly

50 John Gorman

51 John Murray

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