The craic in Bolton

I offer to Journal this photo of five Newry friends – and myself – enjoying a pint in the Irish Bar in Bolton Lancs in the 1990s.

Funny how quickly times can change!

Back row is Gabe Smyth, Brian McCann and me.  Front is Rory McCann, George Crimmins and Eamon McCann.  Since then Brian, Gabe and Eamon have all gone to their eternal reward. 

Gabe’s brothers P J and Billy, and a sister Mary are still resident in Bolton.

George was reared in The Meadow along with the Editor.  His brother Gerry is mentioned in these pages.

My dear wife – a Newry girl – passed away at the beginning of that decade.

Newry Journal has a strong following here in Bolton.

On our last visit home I introduced Rory to the Editor.

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