Abbey Grammar 1972

There were a few ‘schools photographers’ who thought it a good idea to photograph the Abbey boys in the Assembly Hall using a wide-angle lens.   The result was predictable – even the lads could not recognise themselves if they were not in the first four rows!

Perhaps you can help!

I understand that Gerard O’Hare of Parker Green (Quays Complex, etc) in on the left in the second row. 

On the middle of the front row is John Savage, formerly of Quay Street. 

A few have passed on:  fifth row extreme right, Michael Trainor (Kilkeel) and beside him Seamus Crawford (Rostrevor). 

Do you recognise any of these faces?

This – just in !

      A few names to add to the picture. I (John Savage) am in the middle of the front row, on the extreme left of the front row, Ithink is Brendan McDonnell. On the extreme right of the front row is John Grant (RIP). In the second  row from the right is Ronan Fitzsimons, Paul Cranney, Sean Hand, can’t recognise who is next to him, then Gerard O’Hare. In the third row, extreme right Brendan Dowling, possibly Paul Lundy and Anthony Feighan.  Liam Kinney and Peter Cunningham are also in the photo.

Who recognised me after all these 35 or 36 years?

(Answer:  the last named!)

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