Brother Lynch’s Class

I was exchanging e-mails with my new mate Deano (Jim Dean) about the identities of that host of thumbnail photos of past Abbey Boys, when he recklessly decided to send me photos of himself and his good wife then and now (at marriage 1972, and after 30 years of wedded bliss in 2002).  I say recklessly for your editor tends to upload such photos as ‘timely lessons’ to the young: examples of what can happen if you ‘let yourself go!’. 

Anyway it was dwelling on the ravages of time caused me to recall that I had failed as yet to upload to the new site, that most popular of photos from the old: the Brother Lynch class that included such miscreants as Gene Falloon and Davy Hyland, not to mention Donal O’Hanlon.  So here I go again!

We did already name them all, but you can if you like, use this as an exercise in memory.  And a warning as to how young, angelic and handsome can turn into middle-aged, demonic and, frankly, quite ugly!!

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