The Meadow Shops …

I remember once during the summer my father hired a sky blue Volkswagen Beetle out for a few days from Hollywood‘s garage …

… in Monaghan Street and he would take us away for day trips.  I remember the novelty of this and the fact that you stored the luggage in the front and that the engine was in the back. The noise seemed very loud when you were sitting in the back.

I always remember Mrs Donaghey’s shop out the Meadow Road and Mrs Pettigrew working in it.  At that time I remember people used to get their groceries on tick and the big book would be brought out and it was marked down what you got.

I remember me and Tom Carragher getting a chocolate fudge cake for ourselves at the expense of his mother and getting it marked in the book> I suspect that happened in many different families.

We also loved the electricity strikes at that time when we would all rush down to Martin Finnegan’s caravan shop where he would be giving out all the ice lollies free before they melted. He had no other way to power the fridge.

We also loved buying the lucky mine sweets out of the shop and if you were lucky you would get a half pence inside them.

……3 of 3 of Meadow in 1970s  ?  …………….

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