Big Pat

Around the Bridge, on a winter’s eve

A whisper blew between the trees

A chance so rare, to meet and see

A local, world celebrity

Born near a chapel on a hill

A man who reached a pinnacle

A sportsman of high renown

This night, would be in our hometown.


To think that someone in his place

Would meet us all, face-to-face

It isn’t hard to comprehend

They say he did it for a friend

In a bar, down by the river

He greeted everyone

Listened to the tales they told

Of all the deeds he’d done


Shared with each, the memories

Of golden days gone by

In his answers, firm beliefs

At last were clarified

There were photographs and autographs

Gleaned by young and old

To be held in silent witness

When the story is retold


Of a special night in Gorman’s

As we gathered round and sat

In the company of a gentleman

We love to call “Big Pat”.



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