For Carmel!

You remember old Peggy that used have the cart

With the sweets and the jib and the wee apple tarts

Bananas and oranges and pears in a keg

The grapes and the buns and the brown ‘Peggy’s Leg’

On a Monday you’d see her the first at the Square

With her boxes and barrels, arranging them there

To supply all the customers that came into town

Poor Peggy worked hard, with never a frown

At races and football she’d always be seen

Talking nice to the boys and the girls on the green

And she’d coax them and tell them how healthy they’d be

If they’d just eat more fruit and less of the tea

She’d humour us all with her banter and talk

Though she sometimes could use an odd phrase that ‘ud shock

The toughest old sinner among us all there

If any should try to make fun of her ware.

In rain or in sunshine you’d see her all smiles

With the childer around her that came there from miles

Over bogland and meadow to see all the fun

And to buy lemonade, or an orange or a bun.


But a day I remember, it’s long years ago

In the field at the meadow, near the river, you know

The day of the Feis in the month of July

When the birds sand their songs from the branches on high

Shure, Peggy was there with her pony and cart –

That day of the Feis she near missed from the start! –

With an apron so blue and her shawl tied so neat

Her annual visit was always a treat

For her smile and her chat and her laugh did you good

And the echoed good humour rang all through the wood

As she told the wee boys how Methusaleh did live

To the age of seven hundred with the sweets that she’d give

To themselves, for a ha’penny a handful, and more

For she’d like the wee childer to live to four score

And be licking their lips with the taste of her jib

‘The sweetest a chile ever put in he’s gob!’






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