Long Woman’s Grave : 2

Dear Charles, you have won my heart

My first love and my vow’ :

He pressed her closely to his breast

And kissed her lovely brow:

And sitting thus, their hearts as one

She looked across the main

‘Yes Charles, ere tomorrow eye

We’ll bid farewell to Spain‘.


The sun peeps forth his jewelled head

The mist has cleared away

A Spanish ship at anchor rides

She heads for Carlingford Bay

The crew’s on deck, the sails are taut

They cry out, ‘Land ahead!’

All hands on deck, for soon we cross

The world-famed oyster bed.


There’s two on deck before the rest

They look towards the land

Their eyes rest on the city old

That’s built upon the strand.

It’s Charles and his Spanish love

His sweet and charming bride

Spell-bound they stand, and watch the shore

The rocks and foamy tide.


Here, love’s the land I promised thee

The mountains green and brown

You see the streams like silver thread

Above the white-washed town.

Old Carlingford – the home of Kings –

You see her Abbey high

John’s mighty castle on the rock

That storms and waves defy.


‘And yonder, look toward the right

Rostrevor sleeps alone

And there upon the hill above

The famous Cloughmore Stone.

A giant threw it from this side

Look up! His face you’ll see

His head is on the mountain top

His feet are in the sea.


‘Oh Charles, is this not a dream?

Is this the promised land?

The golden hills, the silver streams

So beautiful, so grand?

He smiled and whispered soft and low

‘There’s beauty still in store

Those hills, those streams, all, all will fade

Whene’er you see Glenmore.


You’ll see our castle’s towering walls

Entwined in ivy green

The waterfalls, the Anna Bog

The vale of Aghameen.

Around our home the wild flowers grow

The rose and hawthorn bush

At night you’ll hear the curlew’s song

At morn the garden thrush.’


Poor youth, he little knew that soon

An orphan’s home he’d find

And news he’d hear of home and friends

Enough to turn his mind.

His lands all confiscated! Gone!

His home, neglected! Lost!

Ah! Had he known his fate before

The seas he’d ne’er had crossed.



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