The suit and the coat …

The suit and the coat with the corduroy collar

Designed to make you believe

Their pressures in life are greater than yours

Because they have a degree

They carry their files in their left hand

The other hand is swinging free

They look at the ground as they hurry along

Giving signals – they’re one busy bee


They have places to go, people to see

Things to do and they’re late

They can’t stop and talk about trivial things

So much is piled on their plate


Either buying or selling or setting things up

‘People depending, you see’

They doubt very much if you’d understand

If you haven’t got a degree


Well I do understand what they’re thinking

Though not in words as you know

It’s the language of dress and perception

That one reads when not on the go


It took years to cover the basics

From people I took my degree

I listened – learned from experience

Most times I did not agree


Understanding came in a moment

By giving my time and my space

Sharing a moment together

Everything fell into place


In the hustle and bustle of everyday life

With material things to the fore

Take time for yourself and for others

And smile when you open the door.

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