Bateman play: Film Club

On Wednesday night of this week (3 November) Newry Film Club are showing the acclaimed film ‘A Single Man’ in the Arts Centre at 8.00pm. 

The good-looking guy is our own John McCaul: Colin Bateman is the other man!

At the centre of Tom Ford’s film is an elegant and sophisticated performance from Colin Firth of the title role.

Based on the 1964 novel by Christopher Isherwood, the film follows an unhappy single day in the life of an unhappy single man. 

George Falconer (played by Firth) is an expatriate Englishman in Los Angeles, a bespectacled college professor teaching English literature. 

It is 1962 and there is fever and change in the air. The recent Cuban missile crisis has left America rattled: relieved but still profoundly anxious. 

None of this means much to Falconer, a discreet gay man whose partner Jim has just died in a car accident.




On Thursday night at the same venue (Sean Hollywood Arts Centre) there is a one only performance of Colin Bateman’s latest play National Anthem. This has already played to enthusiastic reviews at Belfast and Armagh. 

Bateman, the most popular and successful of our current breed of novelists has made a successful transition to the live stage. 

Be there!

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