John McCullagh February 21, 2020

Reasoning Tests  If you are suffering from withdrawal symptoms since these were abandoned from your children’s grammar school entry examinations, here’s a few to amuse you.  You ought to score more than 60% correct! 1                 To succeed at academic examinations it is necessary to study.  Therefore if […]

John McCullagh February 20, 2020

This Tourist Brochure differs little from its c.1994 predecessor. Anthony Russell has been brought on board to lend some historical and literary credence but it must be acknowledged that the misuse of the comma persists and still irks. Originally posted 2003-10-29 00:00:00.

John McCullagh February 18, 2020

Now Willie was an Orangeman as loyal as can be Virtuous and upright, a decent man was he A man who’d always do his best to help a friend in need Originally posted 2003-10-28 00:00:00.

John McCullagh February 17, 2020

Isaac Corry was just 21 when he was first elected to the Dublin Parliament representing Newry. His failed opponent challenged the result and fought a duel with Corry where the former was slightly wounded. Originally posted 2003-10-23 00:00:00.