John McCullagh

John McCullagh July 30, 2006

Fred McIlroy wondered where the odd numbers of Hill Street a century ago went to. Well, just for you, here they are, from Kildare Street to Hyde Market!

John McCullagh July 29, 2006

The only remaining Church of Ireland presence in the south-east of our district is at Ballymascanlon. Some notes on the history of this district are necessary.

John McCullagh July 28, 2006

The thick-walled fortified Tower House (in town, merely called a Town House) became, in the late Middle Ages the ordinary and typical residence of the Irish and Anglo-Irish Gentry.

John McCullagh July 27, 2006

Dark Narrow Water your secrets you hold Though the days are long gone since your knights were so bold Yet your name’s still remembered when tales they are told Of you and the lovely Lassara.

John McCullagh July 27, 2006

In response to recent articles and the latest thread, we received this anonymous contribution.   Thought you might like it!