John McCullagh

John McCullagh July 21, 2006

I read in the paper the other day of a man in remote Siberia who petitioned the Russian President for permission to marry a cow ……….

John McCullagh July 20, 2006

The men pictured, the Abbey Pre-Junior Class of 1947, are now all in their early to mid 70s. 

John McCullagh July 19, 2006

One could sit on the hob seat in the fireplace which was high, deep, rough and soot-encrusted. The flickering flames of the fire ………..

John McCullagh July 18, 2006

Those ‘State Papers’ so beloved of the Bagnophiles who have mortgaged our future on the deception that Nicholas Bagenal built the Abbot’s House from scratch, also claim that he later built (and moved to) the impressive Greencastle outside Kilkeel.

John McCullagh July 15, 2006

In the time of the Great Hunger, there were a number of decent Protestant clergymen who took pity on their destitute and starving Roman Catholic neighbours.