John McCullagh

John McCullagh June 6, 2019

The fateful year of 1916 will long be remembered in world history. The Great War – the war to end wars – exacted a terrible toll in young men’s lives, especially at the Somme in France where in one day alone, 1 July, 19,000 young British troops – many of them, indeed, Irish (no part […]

John McCullagh June 5, 2019

My first memories are of my mother – of her softness and warmth, her expressive face always beautiful to me, of her endearing, coaxing voice whose slightest irritated inflection would cause me dismay. She would exhort Edmund my elder brother by a mere two years, to ‘look after that child! Don’t let him get his […]

John McCullagh June 4, 2019

John Mitchel was born in County Derry near the town of Dungiven on November 3 1815. His father was a Presbyterian Minister and was called to serve in Newry.  The family moved to Drumalane House.  

John McCullagh June 3, 2019

Reasoning 1: Answers   1          D         The two sentences here assume that concentrated study is a sufficient (as well as being a necessary) condition for academic success.   2          D         Try this yourself using an empty cereal packet and a Stanley knife.  Left is a triangular shape.  Eight of these create 24 extra sides to […]

John McCullagh June 2, 2019

The most recent Ice Age, which lasted in this region from c.30,000-12,000 years B.P. not only determined the topographical character up to the present, but eradicated almost all archaeological evidence of earlier habitation.