Funny Old World

John McCullagh October 18, 2005

All the following answers were given to Anne Robinson by female contestants. I mean, men would never be so foolish – would they?  Skip to the last paragraph before you answer that! Q: In what direction do the hands of a clock travel? A: Anti-clockwise

John McCullagh October 15, 2005

Do you want to feel superior again, to those dopey contestants on British TV Quiz shows? O K, here goes! Quizmaster: In the 1940s which politician was chiefly responsible for the introduction of the Welfare State?

John McCullagh October 13, 2005

Perhaps we ought to point out that the real-life examples printed below, of answers given by contestants on British TV programmes such as ‘The Weakest Link’, were not all given by the same one contestant.   

John McCullagh October 12, 2005

All of the following are real-life examples of answers given by contestants on British TV programmes such as ‘The Weakest Link‘ …  First, a puzzle for you:  Just one number, written as a word, has its letters in alphabetic order: AND just one has its letters in reverse alphabetic order.  What are they?  Answers at […]

John McCullagh October 5, 2005

Named for the father of evolution Charles Darwin, the Darwin Awards commemorate those who are public-spirited (or foolish!) enough to improve our common gene pool by the simple expedient of removing themselves from it. This year’s easy winner was James Eliot. When his .38-calibre revolver failed to fire at his intended victim during a hold-up […]