Religious History

John McCullagh April 25, 2008

On this date in 1961 the Newry Reporter carried a story of a presentation to newly-created Bishop Carroll who was, the next month, to be consecrated Bishop of Monrovia (Africa) in Newry Cathedral by Bishop Eugene O’Doherty of Dromore. 

John McCullagh February 14, 2008

Peter (Rusty) Mallon has spent his adult life as a man on a mission. It is no exaggeration to say that he practically single-handed launched and had funded, over the past three decades the Irish-speaking schools in Newry.

John McCullagh February 4, 2008

More work was done to the Newry Cathedral by later generations in the twentieth century and into the new millennium. The great organ was rebuilt and electrified in 1929. During the 1950s under the direction of Bishop Eugene O’Doherty a sound system was installed, much of the seating was renewed and a new lighting system put in […]

John McCullagh January 9, 2008

In its original form Newry Cathedral was significantly smaller than it is today. All the collected money and effort went into its outside construction so that the famous English novelist W M Thackeray, travelling through Ireland in 1841, commented as follows on its interior …

John McCullagh January 2, 2008

Brother Mallon’s final report published here earlier listed buildings/edifices in Newry with dates upon them. We cautioned you then that the list was not exhaustive – and here’s another. 1888 is the date in granite upon our Cathedral …