John McCullagh April 16, 2006

There is an essential  dichotomy in the essence of the GAA’s role in Irish society.  It is hardly necessary to explain this.   No one can be in any doubt that in its successful quest of popularising and maintaining core values of Irish culture, the GAA has also been a participant in the process of cultural […]

John McCullagh April 14, 2006

A couple of years later when I was the ‘neutral’ judge in an Aer Lingus-sponsored school debating competition in County Down between two Catholic schools, I cast my deciding vote for St. Colman’s College of Newry.  

John McCullagh April 13, 2006

By the time I was attending secondary school, it became obvious that we were all being taught differently about the history of Ireland.  Catholic friends regaled me with horror stories about what the landlords and the English forces had done to the Irish over the centuries and I became fascinated by accounts of what had […]

John McCullagh April 12, 2006

However much Gaelic games dominated the sporting scene in the 1960’s – and filled the pages of the local press with team photographs and match reports, it remained a closed world as far as I was concerned all through my teenage years.