Animal farm

I read in the paper the other day of a man in remote Siberia who petitioned the Russian President for permission to marry a cow ……….

…….. all eligible young Russian ladies in his vicinity having long since fled to London and other western cities.

Certainly gives a new twist to the old ‘man bites dog’ story.

I know a number of men who assure me they unwittingly did marry a cow!


Then there was the young virgin who gave birth to a bouncing baby boy in Germany.

‘I’ve never had sexual relations with a man’, she insisted.

‘There was one occasion when I awoke during the night to find a snake in my bed.

I fled screaming and when I returned, he was gone.

Could that have done it?’ she pleaded.

 Police are looking for a venomous viper of uncertain description but unusual attributes!


Meanwhile a man in Borneo was fined in the local court for bigamy. Not that it’s illegal there, but the husband must seek and obtain the permission of his first wife, which he didn’t.

The appellant being of uncertain means, the judge fined him in kind: one pig and one buffalo.

Not wishing to part with his only assets, he agreed instead to forsake the second in favour of the first wife.


The first wife refused the offer. 

She too preferred to have the animals!


The whole world’s couped!

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