Bojo Rides Again!

In Camberwell, East, where the money tree grows
Bozo was snorting coke straight up his nose
Bleary-eyed, belching and spilling red wine
Till suddenly he heard his mate, Carly’s sad whine
“You’re so vain, Bozo, you filthy aul Turk
Why don’t you go find some real honest work.
Put away your Johnson, Boris de Pfeffel
-Surely a clue there – for you talk only waffle.”

But through the grey mists of his drug-induced dream
Bozo had visions of pastures supreme
Sunny meadows and blue skies, of a resurgent Britain –
At least England and Wales – he wasn’t quite certain
Of the threacherous Picts, under that tasty girl salmon
-In every intrigue, yer wan had a hand-in –
Or the rebellious Irish, the O’Neills of the Fews
Brought nothing but heartache and ugly fake news.

A wall! A wall! A massive great wall
Will sort that lot out, I’ll give Donald a call
And Leo will pay for it, of that I’m quite certain
From Derry to Dundalk, an inpenetrable curtain!
Then we’ll reinforce Hadrian, right up to the sky
No treasonable Scot again, will ever get by
Seize the Aberdeen oil-fields, refinery and all
But to get there we’ll have to erect a SEA WALL.

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