Act of God


I hesitated to ascribe the previous story to an ‘act of God’. Not so this one. 


‘The hillside was a well-known area for young lovers,’ explained the police chief. ‘Unfortunately it also attracts voyeurs spying on their antics.

These three men were peeping toms who liked to hide in an old broken-down hut, in which they had installed a high-powered telescope. Yesterday afternoon all three were watching a young couple having sex in their car. They were so engrossed that they failed to notice an electrical storm had begun.

A bolt of lightning struck the telescope’s metal casing. All three were hit at the same time and only survived because they shared the impact of the super-high voltage. All three suffered serious burns to their hands and legs and could not talk for hours from shock.

We let them off with a caution. They had been punished enough.

I don’t know about the young couple, but I believe the earth moved for these three’, he added, rather unsympathetically.

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