Quiz Three

Do you want to feel superior again, to those dopey contestants on British TV Quiz shows? O K, here goes!

Quizmaster: In the 1940s which politician was chiefly responsible for the introduction of the Welfare State?

Contestant:  William the Conqueror

Q:  What was the surname of famous Hollywood film director Cecil B. (.. …..) who directed among other films The Ten Commandments ?

C:  Parkinson?

Q:  What are the three states of matter: solid, liquid and what else?

C:  Jelly

Q:  Which famous survey of 1086 was still being referred to 896 years later to settle legal disputes?

C: The Great Fire of London?

Q:  According to The Bible what city was destroyed along with Gomorrah?

C:  Atlantis? 

Q:  How many days are in five weeks?

C:  60

Q:  Mount Everest is partly in Tibet, partly in which other country?

C:   Nicaragua

Q   What’s another name for Cosa Nostra?

C:  Amnesty International

Q:  What legendary blood-sucking creature was created by Bram Stoker?

C:   The leech

Q:   Name a book written by Jane Austen.

C:   Charlotte Bronte

Q:   What is the largest Spanish-speaking country of the world? 

C:  Barcelona ?

Q:   In which continent would you find the River Danube?

C:   India

Q:  The French name of which breakfast cereal means, ‘shaped like the waxing moon’ ?

 C:   Pop Tart

Q:  Which former member of the House of Representatives died at the Alamo?

C:   Al Gore!




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