Simple for the ladies?

All the following answers were given to Anne Robinson by female contestants.

I mean, men would never be so foolish – would they? 

Skip to the last paragraph before you answer that!

Q: In what direction do the hands of a clock travel?

A: Anti-clockwise

Q: If I travel at 60 mph, how far do I travel in 10 minutes?

A: Two hundred thousand miles

Q: Which playwright was known by the initials G B S ?

A: Shakespeare

Q: Which lady rode naked through the streets of Coventry?

A: Lady Diana

Q: Which European language gave us the words Blitz, Kindergarten and Angst?

A: Italian

Q: Which country has the largest population of Portuguese speakers?

A: Spain

Q: In the 18th century when Scottish crofters were evicted from their holdings, it was known as The Highland .. what?

A: Fling?

Q: What is the capital of Saudi Arabia?

A: Tel Aviv

Q: What does a planet orbit around?

A: The galaxy?

Q: Say any word that a dog understands……

A: Ruff? 

Q: Name any famous historical heroine? 

A: Winston Churchill

P.S. We just learned that Kenneth Clarke has been eliminated from the race for the Tory leadership. Analysts are wondering why, from early front-runner, he was the first candidate to be forced out.

Perhaps they ought to consider the following response he gave in a TV interview.

Q. How do you plan to make Tory policy more meaningful to the women of Britain ?

A. Well, we’ve got to keep the message very basic and simple.

Oh, yeah?!

Bye, bye, Fatso!


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