Trivial Trivia

Am I as bad as them for even repeating these further examples of foolish answers to TV Quiz questions?    Don’t answer that!!

Here are some more.  The last reminds me of the mother at Parent’s Night excusing young Jimmy’s poor History result on the grounds that they couldn’t be expected to know when certain leaders died, because, ‘We live far back off the road, and don’t see the funerals going past!’

Q: What island won the George Cross in World War Two?

A: Britain

Q: What ‘T’ is a rising column of warm air and warm underclothes?

A:  Turtle

Q: Is ‘baklava’ a main course or a pudding?

A:  A starter

Q:  Castel Gandolfo is the summer home of which religious leader?

A: Jesus?

Q: Who was next President of the USA after Richard Nixon?

A: John F Kennedy

Q : No! it was Jimmy Carter (Actually it was Gerald Ford!)

Q: What is the currency of India?

A:  Ramadan

Q: After his abdication Edward VIII became known as the Duke of …. What?

A: Earl ?

Q: Which animals build dams and lodges?

A: Rabbits

Q:  ‘Bolster’ is an anagram of which marine crustacean?

A: Crab 

Q: How was Evelyn Waugh related to the journalist Auberon Waugh? 

A: Sister ?

Q.  Who was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic in 1928?

A:  Lady Godiva?

Q.  What is the full name of Karl Marx’s book, ‘Das …

A.  ‘Kampf’?

Q. In Shakespeare’s play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, who was King of the Fairies?

A.  I’m no good at history!

Q.  Give another name for ‘telltale’.

A:  Telltale

Q.  Oscar Wilde, Hitler and Jeffrey Archer all wrote books about their experiences, where?  Was it a. in prison or b. in the Conservative Party?

A.  The Conservative Party.

Q: Who gave the Gettysburg Address in 1863?

A:  How would I know? That’s before I was even BORN!!

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