Shoot the taximan!

Malaysia’s Minister of Tourism may have found a novel tourist attraction.

‘Putting a few taxi drivers up against a wall and shooting them, as an example to others,’ is his solution to alleged rudeness and overcharging on their behalf. Perhaps surprisingly – or maybe not so, given his country’s human rights record – his suggestion has met with a muted response.

‘I estimate that 10% of cab drivers (approximately 3,000) in Kuala Lumpur cheat their customers. They are communists and traitors to their country,’ Sheikh Fadzir added.

‘I myself have had several letters of complaint about them. Such bad behaviour is giving us a bad name and something must be done about it. A few ceremonial, public executions could make all the difference.’

With outspoken opposition likely to land one in jail on indefinite detention, it is not unlikely that his bill will receive approval in the national assembly.

‘It’s not shooting we want,’ moaned taxi driver Muhammad Jamal. ‘It’s higher fares’.

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