The Five Best Barbers Newry

Here we break down the five best barbers in Newry City Town center, check it out and tell us all the reasons you disagree!

Barbigerous Barbers

barbigerous barbers newry
Barbigerous Barbers Newry

Don’t let the name confuse you! Actually, the name is pretty confusing but that doesn’t matter. This is a great barbers to get your hair sorted before you head out on the tear in Newry. Many young men have been complimented on their great haircuts (but probably not by their fathers) that they got in Barbigerous.

Located in Bridge Street Newry it’s a great place to go if you live in the Bridge Street area. You can find their website here: And you can check out their Facebook page image if you’re in need of a good laugh.  

Camlough Barbers

Camlough Barbers Shop
Camlough Barbers Shop

Does what it says on the tin! If you live in the Camlough area then this is the place for you to get the bop chopped and maybe get some craic while you’re at it! Camlough Barbers is a self confessed old school barber shop that keeps the tradition of an old school traditional barbers shop. 

These guys are the original protectors of the fade and offer quality precision barbering, not to be sniffed at. Get down to the Main Street in Camlough and sort your head out now!

Chop Shop Barbers Newry

Chop shops used to be places where unethical gentlemen broke down stolen cars to make money from the parts. But now it’s time to forget all that because the Chop Shop Barbers Newry give great haircuts and there’s no car parts in sight, and that’s a fact!

Known for their cheerful staff and treating the younger customers very well (including lollies for the well behaved), this is a great place to go get your haircut. Located at 7 Saint Mary’s Street Newry, why not get yourself down there and sort your head out son.

Gerry’s Barber Shop

Gerry’s Barbers Newry

Gerry’s barber shop is one of the oldest barber shops in Newry, opening shortly after the beginning of time. In fact it opened as soon as the first haircut was required by a man. That’s some serious tradition. 

Gerry’s has a five out of five rating on facebook and that speaks for itself. It must be a great wee place to get your head fixed up. 

Located across from the world famous Newry City Town Hall at 1a Kildare Street Newry it’s a great place to get your hair cut in Newry City Town centre.

Mastercuts Barbers 

Mastercuts Barbers Newry
Mastercuts Barbers Newry

Mastercuts isn’t just a name, they are literally masters of the cut. And not just one cut, but as many cuts are required to make the necessary repairs to your head. Located across the road from the best bar in Newry (The Bridge Bar) it’s the perfect place to get yourself looking sharp before a drink in the pub or court appearance (after too many drinks in the pub).

Get some amazing business advice from Conor while you get your hair cut and you can sort your life out while you get your head sorted out. This time next year you’ll be a millionaire and follow the instructions you receive while you get yourself looking good (and if you win the lottery as well). 

Reasonably priced and a great place to have craic with other patrons, this stop comes recommended by Newry Journal!

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