Kilkeel People 1916 : 2

It was the year of The Somme and many of Kilkeel’s sons fought and died there. It also was the year of the Carlingford Lough Disaster when the Connemara and The Retriever collided at the Bar just outside of the town.

Most of the bodies were brought to Kilkeel and many are buried in the local Church of Ireland cemetery.

These are a few of the town’s residents of that time.

Kilkeel 1916:Newcastle Street


Church of Ireland

D Evans

Charles Newell

Mrs T McKee

Mrs W Hanna

James Doyle Jnr

Mrs J Doyle

Mrs White

Alex Gordon JP

William John Annett

John Russell

Rev A Eadie


Kilkeel 1916: Harbour Road


John O’Hare

William Teggarty

John Sloane

Robert McKee Jnr

John Annett

John Cousins

Robert Hickson

Joseph Campbell

Stephen McVeigh

Arthur Morgan

T Lowe

James Quinn Jnr

William Cousins

William Balance

Grace Magennis

Margaret Foluffis

John McBride

T Morrison

John Mackintosh

Patrick Curran

James Magennis

William Newell

John Magennis

Sarah Jane Greigh

William Campbell

Patyrick Morgan

Mrs J Cousins

Samuel Stoop

William Doran

Samuel McDowell

John Cunningham

Thomas Curran

John Ferguson

Joseph Ferguson

William McBride

Peter Kearney


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